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Valeska Hernández

Is the visionary founder behind Les Visionists and The Visionist Advisers (TVA), a business-centered creative agency based in Paris and New York. With her innovative approach, TVA pioneered The [RE]Concept, an innovative method for brand transformation that combines strategy, branding & marketing.

In the last fifteen years, Valeska has been a strategic advisor to some of the most important companies in the world, being recognized for her work on expansion plans at the highest level of multinational corporations.

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Co-founder of Les Visionists, originates from Provence, a region she has been linked to over multiple generations. This, combined with her thorough understanding of the area, sets her apart in her field.

With a specialization in real estate investment, particularly in Provence, Lisa offers a comprehensive view of the market. She is dedicated to providing a service that is finely tuned to meet the specific requirements of our exclusive clientele. Lisa's commitment is towards building relations rooted in her profound knowledge of the region and the industry.

Lisa Mazzoni

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